Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yahoo! Website Service

I decided to test Yahoo!'s new Website development service. I used it to list Web Apprentices in Yahoo!'s local business directory. Check out the results here:

It took me about one hour to set this site up. It's easy to do once you know what you want to say -- it might take another hour to capture and edit the content.

As you will see, this approach has limitations (advertising, lack of flexibility, etc.). However, this might be a solution for some businesses who merely want to establish a temporary Web presence until a custom solution is developed.

Check it out. We are all aware of a local business that could use a simple Website. Your sister's Beauty Salon. Your nephew's lawn mowing service. Your local church, mosque, or synagogue. Offer to get them on The Web using this service. Keep in mind that your time has value. At the very least you should barter for two hours worth of service in exchange for your efforts.

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