Sunday, June 12, 2005

Boston Market -- June

As discussed in yesterday's post, E-commerce Trends, online commerce continues to expand at greater than 20% annually. This month's Boston Market explores the skills necessary to be proficient in developing an e-commerce Website.

The two basic skills of HTML and SQL are the starting point because they represent the knowledge required to create a Web page (HTML) and access information from a database (SQL). Of the two skills SQL is in greater demand as reflected by current job listings in the Boston Globe:

A search on the combined skill set of SQL and HTML reveals 77 listings.

In addition, knowledge of a scripting technology that facilitates the connection between a Web page and a database is the third basic skill necessary to develop Web applications. Of the three primary scripting technologies, Microsoft-specific skills (ASP and ASP.NET) continue to be in the greatest demand in the Boston marketplace:

A search on the combined skill set of SQL and HTML and ASP reveals 30 listings.

The links on the right-hand side provide easy access to these and other job listings in both and

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