Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Birthday CSS

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) celebrated its 10-year anniversary this week. In an unrelated event Adobe Systems launched CSS Advisor, a community-driven Website. Designers and developers who use CSS will want to take a look at this free service. The location acts as a central repository for cross-browser/cross-platform CSS issues and solutions.

CSS Advisor is currently in public beta and is available to anyone with an Adobe login and password. Registration is free. The site helps professionals in the following three areas:
The plan is for CSS Advisor to be incorporated into the next version of Dreamweaver where it will automatically detect CSS compatibility issues in your code and take you to the proper page on the CSS Advisor site.

While you are at the Adobe Website check out the Dreamweaver Developer Center. Articles, tutorials and downloads cater to a wide range of developer experience from
Building your first CSS site to Adobe Spry, a new Ajax framework available for download. If you are new to Ajax, check out the Spry Demos Gallery.

To learn more about CSS Advisor, access an InfoWorld article. Also, check out editorial commentary at Digital Media Online.

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