Saturday, June 14, 2008

Firefox Download Day

Download Day 2008

Firefox Download Day is scheduled for Tuesday, June 17. On this day Mozilla will officially release the Firefox 3 Web browser from beta. The current release is Firefox 2.

The Mozilla Foundation is looking to set the Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 Hours and they are asking for your help.

Why Get Involved

Most Web Designers/Developers prefer working with standards-compliant Web browsers like Firefox. Non-compliant browsers, like Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE 6), simply create extra work for coders whose job it is to make Web pages work equally well in all major browsers. By spreading the word about Firefox Download Day, Web professionals can help educate less-informed Web users on the benefits of designing with Web Standards.

To participate simply access the Firefox Download Day website and click the Pledge Now! button. More than one million Internet users have made the pledge to download Firefox 3 on Tuesday.

Additionally, you can join a Firefox 3 World Record Facebook group to help promote the event.

Practical Implications

Beantown Web reports on Web browser usage statistics and posts these figures in the right hand column. According to the current Browser Version Market Share is as follows:

Currently, Internet Explorer 6.0 is more popular than Firefox 2.0 in viewing Web pages. Firefox Download Day will help raise awareness about the value of the Firefox viewing experience. However, the campaign may not have much affect in converting IE 6 users to Firefox 3 users. For that we turn to another campaign.

Say No To IE 6!

The Say No To IE 6! campaign from focuses on assisting users in upgrading their Internet Explorer 6.0 web browser.

"This campaign will result in former IE 6 users having a more enjoyable experience on the web while (hopefully) creating a less stressful and complicated environment for web developers by hastening the retirement of an outdated browser."

Here's how it works:

Access the Save The Developers website to see how it works and to obtain the code.

Get Out The Vote

No matter which candidate you prefer, Firefox Download Day or Say No To IE 6!, this Tuesday presents a unique educational opportunity to help inform the casual Web user of the value of using a standards-compliant browser.

Join a campaign and spread the word today!

Update: Firefox 3 Downloaded 8.3 Million Times in First 24 Hours

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