Monday, July 21, 2008

TECH cocktail Boston 2

TECH cocktail is returning to Boston this week and you are invited to attend.

TECH cocktail is a social event co-founded by Eric Olson, a Massachusetts native and Bentley College alumnus. Previous events have been held in the following cities:

This is the second visit to Boston.

TECH cocktail looks to help Boston and other technology communities "amplify the technology signal and have fun doing it."

A handful of startups will be present to show off their Web 2.0 businesses in an expo-style to the rest of the Boston community.

Who Should Attend?

The guest list includes primarily developers, designers and entrepreneurs:

More than 300 guests have preregistered. Check the Attendee List to see if this a networking event that you might find valuable.


Location: Tequila Rain, Boston (map)

Date: Thursday, July 24, 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Price: FREE (with nominal donation)

Registration: RSVP required

For additional information visit TECH cocktail. Also, consider joining the TECH cocktail Attendee Group on LinkedIn and begin networking with more than 50 attendees in the Boston area and more than 700 attendees globally.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Boston Market | 3rd Quarter, 2008

The Boston Market for Web technology jobs has rebounded after two dramatically down months. There are more job postings this month than last month for 19 out of 20 popular Web technologies.

Top 20 Web Technologies

The list of the most in-demand Web-related technologies has been updated and appears in the right-hand column along with links to job postings for that technology at

This quarterly report of the job market goes deeper than the monthly Boston Market updates. In particular, let's explore the remaining technologies that comprise the Top 50 most in-demand Web-related skills in Boston.

The Top 30

Rounding out the Top 30 are the following 10 technologies:

  1. IIS [ 104 ]
  2. Python [ 102 ]
  3. Visual Studio [ 99 ]
  4. Web 2.0 [ 98 ]
  5. DHTML [ 91 ]
  6. Tomcat [ 85 ]
  7. Acrobat [ 81 ]
  8. SEO [ 77 ]
  9. XHTML [ 75 ]
  10. InDesign [ 71 ]
Of these technologies the most valuable might be Visual Studio (#23) because it is the centerpiece tool for developing Microsoft-centric Web applications that incorporate SQL Server (#5), the C# programming language (#7), Web Services (#10), Ajax (#14) and ASP.NET (#15).

The Top 40

Rounding out the Top 40 are the following 10 technologies:

  1. Dreamweaver [ 67 ]
  2. "Content Management System" [ 67 ]
  3. Quark [ 57 ]
  4. Struts [ 54 ]
  5. DB2 [ 52 ]
  6. Ruby [ 51 ]
  7. social networking [ 47 ]
  8. ActionScript [ 34 ]
  9. VBScript [ 33 ]
  10. blog [ 32 ]

Of these technologies the most valuable might be Ruby (#36). A report at called Expanding Opportunities in Open Source Software reveals that the open source Web development framework Ruby on Rails is in demand.

The Top 50

Rounding out the Top 50 are the following 10 technologies:

  1. ColdFusion [ 29 ]
  2. DOM [ 28 ]
  3. "Web standards" [ 28 ]
  4. Rails [ 26 ]
  5. Fireworks [ 25 ]
  6. wiki [ 20 ]
  7. QuarkXPress [ 19 ]
  8. WSDL [ 17 ]
  9. Adobe + Flex [ 14 ]
  10. CS3 [ 14 ]

Of these technologies the most valuable might be Rails (#44) because it is part of the Ruby on Rails web application framework.

Out of Playoff Contention

Popular Web-related technologies that don't make the Top 50 include the following:

It's not that these technologies are not valuable, it is simply that there is little market demand for Web professionals with expertise in these skills compared to the Top 20 Web Technologies.

FREE Online Training Courses

Learning a new skill is just a mouse click away. If you are new to the collection of Top 20 skills supported in the Microsoft development environment (SQL Server, C#, Web Services, Ajax and ASP.NET) you might want to start with the following FREE online seminar:

ASP.NET 2.0: Building Applications

While the current version is ASP.NET 3.5 this gentle introduction provides and overview of Microsoft's approach to Web development.

The following two FREE training opportunities are much more in-depth and offer a certificate upon completion:

Ruby, JRuby, and Rails Application Development (with Passion!)

Ajax and Web 2.0 Programming (with Passion!)

Of these three technologies -- ASP.NET, Ajax, "Ruby on Rails" -- ASP.NET offers the most opportunities in the current marketplace as evident by the chart below.

However, Ajax and "Ruby on Rails" are two of the fastest growing technologies in the marketplace as evident by the chart below.

Check out Indeed's Job Trends to compare the absolute and relative values of your current skill set.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Web Innovators Group | WebInno18

If you are interested in previewing the latest innovations on the Internet and mobile devices, check out the next gathering of the Web Innovators Group.

This 18th installment (WebInno18) will feature the following presentations (click the "in" icon to reveal your LinkedIn contacts at each company):

Main Dishes

Side Dishes


Tuesday, July 15, 2008, 6:30 pm

Royal Sonesta Cambridge

Registration is FREE and the networking could prove invaluable! Check out the Attendee List of several hundred pre-registrants to determine if this networking event is right for you.

Registrants are encouraged to join the Boston Web Innovators Group on LinkedIn and connect with more than 600 members.

What is LinkedIn? Check out this video on how LinkedIn works.

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