Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dice Salary Survey | 2012

The average salary for technology professionals is $81,000.
One in three technology professionals receives a bonus.

These findings are highlighted in the annual Dice Salary Survey of more than 18,000 employed technology professionals. Dice is the leading career site for technology and engineering professionals.

Industry Matters

Here are the industries where you are most likely to receive a bonus:

Technology Matters

Here are the technologies that command the highest salaries, all in excess of six figures:

The Here and Now

OK. Now back to the real world.

Let's say you don't work in one of the industries that is most likely to offer a bonus and you don't possess skills in any of the acronyms listed above?

Boston Web Tech Job Market

The previous Beantown Web posting entitled Boston Web Tech Job Market | 2012 revealed the Top Ten most in-demand technology skills in the Boston area.

Here are The Second Ten:

  1. Perl | 157 job postings
  2. Ajax | 142 job postings
  3. ASP.NET | 138 job postings
  4. jQuery | 124 job postings
  5. UI | 122 job postings
  6. PHP | 114 job postings
  7. Python | 113 job postings
  8. SharePoint | 108 job postings
  9. SaaS | 104 job postings
  10. Photoshop | 102 job postings

The complete list of the Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston is presented in the right-hand column.

It is interesting to consider the year-over-year trends. Postings for 18 of the Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston are up from this time last year. The largest increases were posted by these seven (eight) technologies:

  1. jQuery | 70%
  2. SaaS | 35%
  3. JavaScript | 25%
  4. Perl | 24%
  5. Social Media 23%
  6. Java 22%
  7. Python | 22%
  8. HTML + CSS 22%

Bet The House

You can roll the "Dice" and select an obscure technology to master and earn a six-figure income.

Or, you can play the odds and select one technology that is both in high demand (Top 20) and fast growing (up 70% in one year).

And the award for the single best technology to master in 2012 goes to . . .

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