Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wikis & Blogs

New online collaboration tools are emerging to help businesses communicate and share documents. Web developers who are familiar with these information sharing tools will have a leg up on the competition. Learning more about tools such as wikis and blogs can make a difference between whether or not you are selected to help a customer develop a Website, a one-time event, or help a client solve a communication and collaboration challenge, an ongoing relationship.

To learn more about wikis and blogs access a Yahoo! Technology WebTech text-based article. A version of this article that includes hypertext links to collaboration tools such as JotSpot, Socialtext and Blubber can be downloaded from the BHCC_web data files, under the file name wikis_blogs.doc. This document can be forwarded to prospective clients to help educate them on the range of possibilities for online collaboration.

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