Friday, March 26, 2010

SXSW Web Award Winners | 2010

More than 12,000 online voters selected this year's People's Choice Award at the SXSW Interactive Festival. And the winner is Cornify.

The five day event in Austin, Texas celebrated the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology.

The judges selected their favorite (Best of Show) from the 18 finalists. And the winner is Wolfram Alpha.

Web Award Winners

Here are the 18 categories along with the winning website and the category definition:

Activism | Waterlife
Green and Non-profit websites that are striving to make the world a better place.

Amusement | Atlas Obscura
Humor, memes and all the stuff that is weird for the sake of weird.

Art | odosketch
From traditional photography to untraditional performances, this category focuses on web-based collections of life, society and culture.

Blog | The Vile Plutocrat
Sites that revolutionize the power of publishing by providing regularly updated content of a personal or professional nature.

Business | TheyMakeApps
Sites devoted to the promotional needs, functions and services of for-profit businesses.

CSS | Legwork Studio
This category showcases sites that push the boundaries of CSS coding technology, bringing together top-notch design and content with standards compliant and accessible code.

Classic |
While the SXSW Interactive Web Awards focus on the best new Internet destinations, this category is devoted to sites that launched before January 1, 2009.

Community | Aardvark
Social networks and wikis that have quickly developed an extraordinarily active multi-user community and an exceptional following of users who assist with content development.

Educational Resource | 1066
From elementary school learning to advanced technology-related tips, these are sites that help you learn.

Experimental | BooneOakley
These are cutting-edge and trend-setting destinations that are pushing the envelope and challenging our perceptions of the web.

Film / TV | Jim Carrey
Sites related to actors, television, films and the film industry, as well as destinations that offer streaming video content.

Games | Smokescreen
The online destinations that help make your life a lot more fun.

Mobile | Gowalla
Sites optimized for handheld and portable devices.

Motion Graphics | We Choose the Moon
Animations, cartoons, and other intriguing content built using applications such as Adobe / Macromedia Flash.

Music | Echo & The Bunnymen
Sites related to musicians, bands, and the music industry, as well online radio and other destinations that offer streaming audio content.

Personal Portfolio | Clouds 365 Project
The portfolios, pet projects and personal collections of individuals who are displaying their work and passions online.

Student | D.I.E. - Der Interuniversale Erdball, Inc.
This category is devoted exclusively to the student web designers who are refreshing this industry with new talent and new ideas.

Technical Achievement | Wolfram Alpha
These are the sites that are re-inventing and re-defining the technical parameters of our online experience.


Web designers and developers can scan the Web Award Winners and the Five Finalists in each category to stimulate the flow of creative approaches to resolving current design challenges.

Then, get busy designing the next award-winning website. Submissions for the 2011 awards will be accepted starting in early August. Check out the Web Awards FAQ for additional details.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Startup Companies | Boston

Seventy five startup companies all looking for talent. You can talk with a company representative in person at a FREE networking event.

The only requirement is to be flexible on commitment and compensation -- bootstrapped startups may be offering alternative compensation including the following:

  • reduced rates
  • equity
  • internships
  • part time
  • etc.

The Startup Companies

Here are the startup companies, along with the company contact, who will be present at the event to answer your questions:

» Acquia | Linda Greco

» | Leah Derus

» Appswell | Daniel Sullivan

» Assured Labor Inc. | Siddhartha Goyal

» At-Hand Apps | Robert Gray

» BatchBlue Software | Michelle Riggen-Ransom

» Baydin Inc. | Alexander Moore

» BetterLesson | Alex Grodd

» Boreal Renewable Energy Development | Bob Shatten

» BostInnovation | Bradford Reynolds

» | John Puskarich

» | Kenny Mendes

» Buzzient Inc. | Andreas Goeldi

» Cambridge Innovation Center | Dougan Sherwood

» CaptureCode | Tony Padam

» Car Spots | Gerry Dube

» Chase Technology Consultants | Bill Sullivan

» CSN Stores | Jamie Dooley

» DiJiPOP | Kevin Jacobson

» EnerNOC, Inc. | Daryn Lewis

» Enterprise Search | Mike Nolan

» Enterprise Solar, LLC | Kyle McKinney

» eVisioner Inc. | David Kershaw

» Fluent Mobile | Prudence Sinclair

» Greenhorn Connect | Jason Evanish

» High Start Group | Marie Burns

» HiveFire | Taariq Lewis

» HubSpot | Yoav Shapira

» HuddleHub, Inc. | Adan Gutierrez

» Hungry Fish Media, LLC | Arjun Naskar

» IEEE Boston Section | Bruce Hecht

» Illume Software, Inc. | Marisa Evans

» Incentive Targeting | Chuck Grindel

» IRONphoenix Technologies | Kyle C. Quest

» Jobnob | Julie Greenberg

» Juegas Group | Ivan Guevara

» KMDM, Inc. | Nik Atsalis

» Kyrus Mobile | Stephen Blumberg

» Langolab | Adam Duston

» LaunchCapital | Heather Onstott

» Main Streets Interactive | Ricart Prats

» Marginize | David Opolon

» Mass Innovation Nights | Bobbie Carlton

» MassChallenge | Akhil Nigam

» MGD Graphic Design | Melissa Desautels

» Mii Gourmet NH | Nicolas Peterson

» MyMobileBrand | Elio Maggini

» Next Jump, Inc. | Rachel McClain

» North Shore Career Center | Anthony Rizzuto

» Oddfellow Studios, Inc. | Shava Nerad

» OmniStrat | Matt Johnson

» Onward Search | Sarah Wilkins

» Pinyadda | Greg Gomer

» | Beth Marcus

» Polaris Venture Partners | Jon Lim

» Postabon, Inc. | Shaneal Manek

» PR Guy | Sean Horrigan

» ProNeuros | James McLaughlin

» Rate It Green | Allison Friedman

» Ressen Design | Paul Cosway

» Siemens PLM | Michael Keane

» Sparkcloud | Nicholas Tommarello

» stealthealth | Catharine Arnston

» suren chelian dmd pllc | Suren Chelian

» SVB | Tuan Pham

» SynDevRX | Jim Shanahan

» Textaurant | Josh Bob

» The Motorsport Lab | Ray Chang

» TreeTop Technologies | Lauren Murray

» Viximo, Inc. | Chris Quirk

» Vox Network Technologies | Arnold Engel

» Wattzy | Alex Patriquin

» Yes Energy | Andrew Lewis

» ZoomInfo | Chip Terry

» zthere | Daniel Ostrower

How To Participate

Date: Wednesday, March 24, 4:30 PM

Location: Tequila Rain (near Fenway Park)

Registration (FREE): Jobnob Boston Happy Hour

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