Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Best Business Books | 2012

Eleven books catapulted to the top in this year's search for the Best Business Books of 2012. For the fifth year running Beantown Web has conducted a quasi-scientific meta-search to identify the best business books published in the previous year.

The search began by identifying 10 "Best of" lists. This year's research started with the following:
A total of 63 books were mentioned on at least one "Best of" list.  These 63 books comprise The Honorable Mention list.

Best Business Books | Runners Up

Here are the eight books mentioned on at least two lists (The Runners Up):

Best Business Books | Second Place

One book was mentioned on three lists and claims second place:

Best Business Book | Top Honors

Two books tied for Top Honors by being mentioned on five lists:

Personal Recommendations

This analysis took me by surprise.  For the first time I have not read a single book on this short list of 11 best.  Several are now on my "must read" list.

Here are my two personal recommendations for Best Business Book of 2012 (both are Honorable Mentions in this quasi-scientific meta-search).  Feel free to check out my reviews at

Suggested Success Strategy

No matter what your professional discipline is -- Web technology or some other field -- business is the engine that drives economic well-being. The economy continues to chug along at a less-then-optimal pace. You can help improve your economic prospects by learning more about the business of business.

Goal: Identify one business book from the eleven listed above, read it, practice its principles and shift your career prospects into a higher gear in 2013.

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