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Boston Web Tech Job Market | April, 2020

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The Headlines

A 3,000% Jump in Jobless Claims Has Devastated the US Job Market

Massive Job Cuts and Falling Tax Receipts Make for Grim Headlines

The Job Market in Boston

Ninety days ago unemployment hovered at low numbers not seen since the Beatles topped the charts with Come Together. Today, society and the economy are struggling, to say the least.

The list of Top 30 Web Technologies in Boston has been updated for April. This list is based on keyword searches in job postings at The most in-demand keywords are listed more frequently than less in-demand keywords. This list reflects the change in the last three months.

Top 30 Web Technologies in Boston

Here are 10 of the 30 most in-demand web technologies [up or down from early January, 2020] ranked by number of job postings in Indeed.  These numbers are currently dropping hourly.

April, 2020

  1. agile *** | 3,384 (job postings) down 29% (from January)
  2. Python | 2,844 down 22%
  3. SQL | 2,226 down 34%
  4. Java | 2,204 down 23%
  5. AWS | 1,883 down 9%
  6. JavaScript | 1,711 down 29%
  7. social media *** | 1,530 down 55%
  8. SaaS | 1,406 down 27%
  9. scrum *** | 1,124 down 19%
  10. Web Services | 969 down 3%
*** Note: While "agile" and "scrum" are not technologies, they are methodologies used in technology development. These two keywords appear in many web development job descriptions. Likewise, "social media" is not a technology. However, front-end web developers often work with marketing professionals to promote the output of software developers and engineers.

The Top 30 Web Technologies in Boston are being counted down over the next 30 days on Beantown Web's Twitter page @webapprentices and Facebook page @beantownweb.

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