Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two Social Media Surveys

The jury is still out on the benefits of social media. Two reports released earlier this month provide insights into the social media phenomenon.

2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

A survey of more than 1,900 marketers reveals the top three questions about social media that marketers want answers to:

  • How do I measure social media return on investment?
  • What are the social media best practices?
  • How do I best manage my time with social media?

A video summary of the 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report is available for review. The PDF version of the report is available for FREE download.

Social Media Survey

More than 200 marketing professionals were asked about the value of social media initiatives to their organization. A quick snapshot of responses reveals the following:

  • "innovative and invaluable to their business" | 54 percent
  • "useful and helpful, but could live without it." | 37 percent

A press release of Marketers Indicate Social Media Important, Most Not Profiting, Many Still Learning is available for review. The PDF version of the report is available for FREE download.

Social Media Breakfast

Answers to your social media questions can be obtained from industry experts by attending a Social Media Breakfast. These networking events occur in 40 cities across the United States and Canada.

If you live near Boston the next event will occur on Thursday, May 6. Here are the experts presenting at this event:

» Aaron Strout, Chief Marketing Officer at Powered

» Edward Boches, Chief Creative & Social Media Officer for Mullen

» Kyle Flaherty, Director of Marketing, BreakingPoint Systems

This event, Creating Brand Advocates Across the Social Web, is FREE, but space is limited. Details & registration are available via Eventbrite.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Server-Side Language of Choice

Programming languages come in all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity. If you are a front-end Web designer your exposure to programming might be limited to using prebuilt JavaScript code, perhaps generated by Dreamweaver or downloaded as part of a jQuery (JavaScript library) plugin.

XHTML, CSS and JavaScript are all referred to as client-side code because the markup can be accessed by simply using View > Source from the Web browser. What if you want to create dynamic Web page content from a database using a server-side scripting language which is hidden from the visitor downloading a page from your website? What are your choices?

Server-Side Language Options

Here are a few of the most commonly used server-side programming options:

  • ASP
  • ColdFusion
  • Java
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

If you were new to programming and had to choose just one server-side language to focus on, which would you select?


A popular design website, CSS-Tricks » a Web Design Community created a poll and asked readers the following question:

"What is your server-side language of choice?"

Readers were asked to choose the language that they actually like the most, even if they were familiar with several languages.

Survey Says . . .

More than 11,000 readers completed the survey since it was posted more than a month ago and the choice is abundantly clear. Here are the results:

  • PHP | 75%
  • ASP | 8%
  • Java | 5%
  • Ruby | 4%
  • Python | 3%
  • ColdFusion | 2%
  • Perl | 1%
  • Other | 2%

More than 200 readers posted comments. You can review this discussion and post your own comments at New Poll: Server Side Languages.

These results confirm the following Elance Work Index finding:

"PHP is the number 1 most in-demand skill for online work for all of 2009."

Training Options

Here are four FREE tutorial websites that Web designers and developers can access to learn how to add PHP scripting to your skill set:

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Boston Market | April 2010

Job postings have increased by more than 50% since the beginning of January for the 20 most in-demand Web technologies in Boston. Since early February only two technologies have experienced single-digit declines in postings: Photoshop and MySQL.

The updated list of Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston appears in the right-hand column. The list is compiled based on how frequently that technology or keyword appeared in job postings at which is managed by The search area is a 50-mile radius around Boston.

Database expertise continues to top the list of desired skills with the following technologies holding three of the top five positions:

A few of the biggest movers during the first quarter were the following:

  • JSP | up 79%
  • SharePoint | up 72%
  • PHP | up 70%
  • e-commerce | up 61%
  • Web services | up 60%

Training Opportunities

JavaScript opportunities abound with 289 job postings mentioning this technology, placing JavaScript in 6th position. The most popular JavaScript library is jQuery with 50 job postings. jQuery is the featured training opportunity this month with two learning seminars occurring on the same evening, Wednesday, April 7:

jQuery | Beginners
Cambridge | MIT

jQuery | Intermediate to Advanced
Boston | Downtown

With job opportunities on the rise now is the time to enhance your technology skills and expand your personal network to improve career prospects.

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