Monday, October 14, 2013

Boston's Rockstar Recruiters | Q4 2013


Seven is the new magic number.
  • Ed Asner has seven Emmy awards.
  • Simon & Garfunkel have seven Grammy awards.
  • Mark Spitz set the standard of seven world records in seven races winning seven Olympic Gold Medals.
You need Seven to make The List -- The Boston Rockstar Recruiter list.
  • Seven recommendations from adoring fans

Boston's Top 100 Technology Recruiters

In the fall of 2012 Beantown Web asked the question, "Who are Boston's Rockstar Recruiters?"
  Welcome to the fifth installment of The List.

To begin the quest, Beantown Web identified more than 390 technology recruiters via LinkedIn.  Most are located in the Boston area.  Some are located in New Hampshire and Rhode Island and conduct a significant amount of business in the Boston area.

Beantown Web then turned to LinkedIn to identify customer satisfaction scores.  In particular, how many people were willing to provide a public recommendation for that recruiter?

Actors have Emmy Awards.  Singers have Grammy Awards.  Mark Spitz has Olympic Gold Medals.  The rest of us mere mortals have to make do with recommendations.

The standard to evaluate Rockstar Recruiters keeps climbing.  In order for a recruiter to make the inaugural Boston Rockstar Recruiter List a mere three LinkedIn recommendations was enough to merit Rockstar status.  Then, the bar was raised to five.  Then, six -- for two quarters in a row.  Now the bar stands at seven.

Only one out of four technology recruiters in the Boston metro area has earned Boston Rockstar Recruiter status with at least seven LinkedIn recommendations.

Boston's Top 10 Technology Recruiters

Boston's Top 10 Rockstar Recruiters play to packed houses and receive standing ovations.  The best in the biz have received at least 35 Rockommendations from adoring fans.

Here are the Top 10 Boston Rockstar Recruiters for the fourth quarter of 2013 [number of LinkedIn recommendations received]:
  1. Scott Dunlop [97] -- The Bivium Group
  2. John VanderSande [62] -- WinterWyman
  3. Chris Fountas [61] -- AVID Technical Resources
  4. Jamie LeBlanc [60] -- The Bivium Group
  5. Doug Schade [55] -- Winter Wyman 
  6. Robin Napier [49] -- CyberCoders
  7. Brendan Andersen [40] -- CyberCoders
  8. Leanne Owens [39] -- Onward Search
  9. Chris Mitchell [35] --  Winter Wyman
  10. David Honig [35] -- MarketSearch 

Top 10 in Assists

Some players are valuable because they score a lot of points.  Others pass the ball effectively.  This second list ranks "assists."  It answers the following:

"Of the recruiters listed in the Top 100, who are the most generous in offering recommendations to others?"
The Top 10 most generous Boston Rockstar Recruiters for the fourth quarter [number of LinkedIn recommendations given]:
  1. David Perlman [55] -- Grenadier Search Group
  2. Marsh Sutherland [31] -- Walden Recruiting
  3. Carol Taylor [28] -- Private Clients
  4. Andrea Williams [25] -- Career Minded Recruiting LLC
  5. Kelley White [18] -- Advantage Technical Resourcing
  6. Matt Ramos [17] -- Computer Express, Inc. (CEI)
  7. Brendan Andersen [16] -- CyberCoders
  8. Nagesh Kumar Gona [15] -- XpertTech, Inc.
  9. Jonathan Anderson [15] -- Softworld
  10. four tied at 14 recommendations given
Congrats to Brendan Andersen [40 + 16] for posting Top 10 scores on both the receiving and giving lists.

Team Scores

Finally, the team scores. The following teams placed the most recruiters (at least three) in the Top 100 [number of recruiters in the Top 100]:
The Boston Rockstar Recruiter Countdown begins @webapprentices and will continue throughout the fourth quarter listing all 100 Boston Rockstar Recruiters.  Simply follow @webapprentices and connect with your favorite Boston Rockstar Recruiter each day.  Each Boston Rockstar Recruiter will also be recognized on Beantown Web's Facebook page.

If you are aware of a Boston-based Technology Recruiter who has garnered at least seven LinkedIn recommendations, go to Beantown Web's Facebook page and share your Rockstar Recruiter selection with our readers.  Rock on!