Friday, November 01, 2013

BAKE: Four JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is a hot language.  It currently stands at #5 on the list of most in-demand web technologies in Boston.  The only programing language that ranks higher is Java.  Details at Boston Web Technology Job Market | Q3 2013.
  1. SQL | 3,689 job postings
  2. Java | 3,126 job postings
  3. agile *** | 2,334 job postings
  4. Oracle | 2,228 postings
  5. JavaScript | 2,116 postings

    *** Note: While "agile" is not a technology, it is a methodology used in technology development.  This keyword appears in many web development job descriptions.  Experience with agile is often required or preferred.
JavaScript BAKE Sale

A trend within JavaScript community is a movement toward JavaScript MVC frameworks.  The Dice Report for September listed four of them.  I have arranged them to create an easy-to-remember acronym -- BAKE:

These JavaScript-based frameworks are designed to help developers build apps quicker.

Best JavaScript MVC Frameworks 2013-2014 provides a nice overview of three of these frameworks.  To complicate matters further, Top JavaScript MVC Frameworks lists 13 additional frameworks to consider.

Which Cake to BAKE?

Let's allow the marketplace to decide which of these frameworks would be most valuable to learn.  By conducting a keyword search at we can determine how frequently employers mention each framework in job descriptions they have posted.  The result of this search is as follows:

So, BackboneJS appears to be the most popular flavor this month,  However, demand for these technologies can change quickly.

No matter how you slice it, JavaScript is here to stay.  Learning to bake different flavors of the JavaScript cake can only enhance your value in the front-end web technology marketplace.

Beantown Web will continue to monitor demand for these and other technologies on a quarterly basis.  Look for
Boston Web Technology Job Market | Q4 2013 in early December.
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