Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Boston Market -- March

Core Web skills continue to be in demand in our monthly survey of technology expertise that employers in the greater Boston area desire in job candidates.

In the area of Web Design knowing how to manipulate HTML code is eight times more valuable than being familiar with how to use a program like Dreamweaver that will manipulate the code for you.

In the area of Web Development knowing how to access information from a database using SQL is two and a half times more valuable than being comfortable manipulating Web pages using HTML.

The following analysis illustrates the demand for Web Design and Web Programming candidates based on keyword searches in The Links in the right-hand column provide easy access to these job listings.

Web Design Skill (Number of Job Listings)

HTML (144)
JavaScript (50)
Photoshop (61)
Dreamweaver (18)

Web Programming Skill (Number of Job Listings)

SQL (362)
MS Access (178)
HTML (144)
ASP (106)
JavaScript (50)

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