Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Spring Business Barometer

According to the Spring 2005 Business Barometer, a nationwide survey of more than 1,000 leaders of small and medium-sized businesses, two out of three business leaders believe that business Web sites influence overall sales. More than half of the small businesses surveyed now have Web sites in place, and a full 96 percent of those say their online identity is critical to their success.

The top three business priorities according to these business leaders all tracked back to the bottom line:

Web developers can use this survey data to help position their services and assist business leaders with helping to meet their business priorities. In particular, the following three "e-commerce features" were listed as valuable to small business owners:

In addition, small business owners ranked these Web-based marketing strategies relatively low: e-mail marketing, search engine keywords, and banner advertising. The top three marketing tools critical in driving business for their companies were as follows:

By sharing this survey data with small business owners, Web developers can position themselves as business advisors and increase the likelihood of developing cost-effective Web projects that meet the needs of small business owners.

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