Sunday, July 31, 2005

IT Market Compensation Study

Information Technology (IT) job opportunities will continue to expand throughout 2005 according to a newly released study. Overall, two out of three of the 160 organizations surveyed projected hiring additional technology workers.

In particular, if your technology experience touches on the following areas then IT recruiters want to talk with you:

Specifically, the skills that IT organizations report having the greatest difficulty recruiting are the following:

The survey reveals that while Web applications programmers are in demand, the specific technologies that professionals with Web-based skills should consider developing include Microsoft.Net, Visual C#.Net and XML.

The place to start: XML. If you have a working knowledge of HTML, you can add XML to your resume with a little self-paced training. Simply access W3Schools' XML Tutorial and begin your free training today. W3Schools also provides free tutorials on Microsoft.Net and ASP.Net.

To learn more about the 2005 IT Market Compensation Study access a press release from Gartner.

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