Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Boston Market -- October

Structured Query Language (SQL) remains the single most valuable skill in demand in the Boston technology marketplace. More than 460 opportunities requiring SQL knowledge and experience are listed at BostonWorks.com and more than 1,000 opportunities are listed at Monster.com.

The demand is understandable. Virtually all software programs feature a visual front end and a database back end. A Web application is nothing more than a Web page front end and a database back end. SQL is the standard language used to access information from the database component regardless of the visual interface.

This month's analysis focuses on scripting languages that carry SQL statements to and from the server-side database.

The low end of the demand curve features the following (jobs listed at BostonWorks.com in parentheses):

The high end of the demand curve features the following:

One overlooked scripting technology is the following:

Bulk up your skill set today with training in one of these valuable high-demand technologies. These two online training opportunities offer the most promise:
The Perl class is available from Virtual University (VU) and starts Monday, October 10. The ASP.NET class is available from the HP Learning Center and starts Thursday, October 13. VU classes are $20 and HP classes are free.

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