Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IT Shortage -- One Solution

"Experienced technical IT people can make $70,000 to $80,000 a year, and those with managerial experience can make $100,000," according to the president of an independent user group specializing in IBM technologies.

However, as many as 20,000 additional personnel may be needed to support IBM's mainframe market alone, and the shortage goes beyond IBM. Alarmingly, "the shortage of IT experts is likely to turn critical in a year or two," according to Robert Rosen who represents the
IBM SHARE user group. His comments are summarized in an InformationWeek interview.

So, how can IT professionals best position themselves for the projected shortfall? By learning a technology that is supported not only by IBM, but also by Microsoft, Oracle, Sun and virtually every major technology provider in the market today. That technology is
XML. lists
179 openings for technology professionals with XML knowledge and experience. lists 599 openings in the Boston metropolitan area.

To demonstrate how pervasive this technology is simply access the Websites of the following technology providers to witness their commitment to XML:

Do you want to know where to begin? Visit W3Schools to access a free XML tutorial and begin preparing for a six-figure income future!

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