Sunday, October 23, 2005

Web Server Paradox

All Websites reside on Web servers. Not all Web servers are created equal. The market share for hosting the 74 million Websites on the planet is as follows:

Web developers create dynamic Websites that interact with the Web server via scripting languages and databases. The default technologies are as follows: sheds some light on the demand for professionals with dynamic Web development skills sets:

So, why would the demand for ASP / SQL Server professionals far exceed the demand for PHP / MySQL professionals, when the majority of Websites are hosted in a LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) environment?

The simple answer is that Microsoft server technologies hold a commanding lead in Fortune 1000 companies. Most large companies choose to invest in hiring a full-time Webmaster to manage their Web presence. Small companies, on the other hand, tend to outsource their Web development needs to independent contractors who are far more likely to depend on open-source (free) software and far less likely to place job ads.

On November 8 Microsoft will upgrade its Web server technologies with the introduction of the following:
Prior to the launch date Microsoft is offering FREE software and FREE training to Web developers who want to learn these new technologies. Register today and upgrade your skills for future career success.

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