Saturday, December 03, 2005

Boston Market -- December

The Monster Employment Index for the month of November jumped to an all-time high indicating broad growth in online recruitment activity. One sector that registered a significant increase in online job availability during the month was "computer and mathematical" which saw a significant spike in growth indicating higher demand for IT professionals, according to the report.

December is an excellent time to begin planning for 2006. If you want your career to take a different TACK (a change in one's course of action), then December's Boston Market analysis can help.

This month we'll explore four segments of the Web technology marketplace -- Tools, Acronyms, Containers, and Knowledge. If you are considering a career upgrade in 2006 you should improve your technology skills in the following four areas:

A keyword search of job openings posted at indicates the following (number of job posting in parentheses):

Tools (software):

Acronyms (languages):

Containers (databases):

Knowledge (certifications):

As you can see, knowledge of Tools (software) can only offer double-digit job opportunities. However, expertise in certain key technology Acronyms (languages), such as SQL and .NET, can expand your opportunity base to triple-digit possibilities. And Container (database) expertise can offer the greatest returns of all.

If you want your career to take a different TACK in 2006, focus on the AC part of the opportunity market by developing your language and database skills. AC will provide the electricity to light up your career opportunities in The New Year.

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