Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Boston Market -- May

Trend #1: The Consumer Confidence Index rose in April to its highest level since March 2002. "Recent improvements in the labor market have been a major driver behind the rise in confidence in early 2006," according to a Conference Board representative.

Trend #2: The most recent
Monster Employment Index for Boston (pdf) reached its highest level since it was launched 12 months ago.

Trend #3: The
Yoh Index of Technology Wages ended the first quarter of 2006 at the highest level since its inception.

Trend #4:
Microsoft will invest an additional $2 billion in a variety of technologies designed to transform its way of doing business on the Web.

So how do technology professionals capitalize on these powerful trends? By making a commitment to learning Microsoft's Web-based technologies. SQL is the generic database language that cements these technologies together.

BostonWorks.com lists the following opportunities:

Monster.com lists the following opportunities:

The best training value this month is to download the following FREE software:

Then, make an investment in one of three new Dummies books:

You invest $20. Microsoft invests $2 billion. Where can you get a better return on investment than that?

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