Monday, October 02, 2006

Boston Market -- 4th Quarter, 2006

"Online Job Demand" in Boston rose to its highest level in August following two months of seasonally reduced activity according to the Monster Local Employment Index (pdf). "Double-digit year-over-year growth rates in online job activity for management, business and financial operations, creative, IT and science occupations suggest that the Boston metropolitan area remains a hot market for professional jobseekers," according to a company press release.

An analysis of the Boston area Web technology job market reveals the following:

Let me explain how I arrived at this conclusion:

Beantown Web monitors IT jobs (Web-related jobs to be specific) on a monthly basis via the "Boston Market" series of postings. At the beginning of every quarter Beantown Web conducts a more thorough TACK analysis. TACK stands for Tools, Acronyms, Containers, and Knowledge:
One way to gauge the current job demand is through a keyword search on specific technology skills at selective online job sites. Beantown Web monitors two sites: BostonWorks and Monster. Keywords are then grouped into one of the four TACK categories.

A few of the common keywords associated with Web design and Web development jobs are included in the listings below. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of job postings that list that keyword in the job description. [ First number: ][ Second number: ]:

Tools (software)

Acronyms (languages)

Containers (databases)

Knowledge (certifications)

Here are a few additional observations from this quarter's analysis:

To maneuver your career for future success (TACK through the winds of constant technology change) consider the following four suggestions:

Here are two recommended training courses for October:

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