Saturday, November 10, 2007

We Are All Self-Employed

Regardless of who signs the paycheck we are all self-employed.

Some of us have one employer and a paycheck that doesn't stretch to the end of the month.

Others have one employer and receive a paycheck that is part of a compensation package including benefits, bonus and stock options.

Still others have multiple employers (customers) who provide compensation based on the products and services we provide. We go by different names -- small business owners or consultants or freelancers.

Regardless of who signs the paycheck we all have customers!

Bottom Line

Each of us is the President of our own personal services corporation. As Presidents we have Top Line (sales) accountability, as well as, Bottom Line (profits) motivation.

Here are three services that can help us be better Presidents.

Eight Tips offers Eight Tips for IT Professionals Interested in Pursuing Careers as Independent IT Consultants. While the focus is on information technology professionals, the advice is practical for professionals in nearly every field of endeavor.

Of the Eight Tips I found the final one -- Brand Yourself -- to be particularly beneficial. Knowledge workers who have to sell their services and demonstrate how to add value can benefit from the six ideas offered to help you build your own brand.

Ten Steps

Startup Nation offers 10 Steps to Open for Business.

This website offers a detailed, multimedia, step-by-step, process to help you achieve startup success. Whether you are considering freelance or consulting opportunities or you are an employee in an organization looking to grow its current business, this practical website can help.

Just Start

Finally, Intuit, makers of the popular QuickBooks and Quicken accounting software, is in Boston this week to help us all be better Presidents.

The Boston Just Start event will take place at South Station from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm on each of the following days:

The event will feature Rhonda Abrams, a syndicated columnist, best-selling author, and popular public speaker who advises small business owners. For details and registration information access the Just Start Meetup Group.

Check out Intuit's JumpUp website for additional information about getting your business up and running quickly and successfully.

Next Step

Presidents know they can't get the job done by themselves. They need a team of reliable specialists. Check out these resources and seek out one new member of your team this week.

Remember: Regardless of who signs the paycheck, we are all Presidents of our own personal services corporations.

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