Monday, December 03, 2007

Boston Market -- December

Two recent reports reveal a slowing economy in New England.

New England Economic Partnership

Employment in New England is forecast to grow at an annual average rate of less than one percent over the next few years.

"Robust national and global demand for technology-based products and services supplied by Massachusetts is expected to partly offset the housing slump’s drag on the state’s economy," according to a press release (doc) is available from the New England Economic Partnership. A summary is archived at The Boston Herald.

Help-Wanted OnLine Data Series

Job vacancies that are advertised online across the U.S. are up nearly 10% year over year. However, online advertising is flat to slightly negative year-over-year in the New England region. So, the job market is relatively sluggish compared to other parts of the country.

Nationally, there were 2.65 advertised vacancies online for every 100 persons in the labor force in November. However, Massachusetts remains one of the top five job markets (4.18 advertised vacancies online for every 100 persons in the labor force in November).

The top three occupations with a significant number of ads posted online include the following:

Wages average above $44 an hour for management positions and about $30 an hour for healthcare practitioners and technicians, according to a press release issued by The Conference Board. A detailed (pdf) version is also available.

Web Technology Opportunities

Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston have been updated for December and appear in the right-hand column.

Average Salaries in Boston have also been updated for December.

Networking & Training Opportunities

Two Web-related opportunities recommended for December include the following:

Remaining seats are expected to fill up fast. If you register for the Boston .NET User Group Holiday Event you will receive a FREE copy of Visual Studio 2008!

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