Tuesday, February 24, 2009

IT Skills & Salary Report | 2009

The average base salary of an information technology (IT) worker in Massachusetts is $88,700. Nearly half of all IT workers received a bonus last year. The median bonus was $5,000.

In addition, 70 percent of IT workers reported an increase in base salary during the previous 12 months with an average raise of six percent.

Massachusetts Salary Premium

Massachusetts IT workers receive a nearly 9 percent average base salary premium over workers throughout the United States:

Survey Details

These survey findings were released this week as the 2009 IT Skills and Salary Report. Global Knowledge, an IT and business training company, coordinated the online survey which included a participant base of more than 14,000 IT professionals. The questionnaire was distributed between October 20 and November 11, 2008.

Job Satisfaction

Money apparently does buy happiness in the current economy. Survey results reveal that job satisfaction rose with pay. Those reporting being "not satisfied" with their current job had an lower average pay than those reporting being "extremely satisfied":

Budget Responsibility

Being responsible for a budget commands a premium as indicated by the following average base salaries:

Top 20 Titles

Here are the 20 most popular job titles listed alphabetically along with the average salary for each title:

A press release is available from Global Knowledge. A more detailed summary is also available, however, registration is required to download the seven-page pdf. Registration is free.

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