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Web Design Survey | 2008

"The Survey for People who Make Websites" has been compiled and the results are now available. In 2008, more than 30,000 readers took part in the A List Apart survey. Presented below is a snapshot of key findings.

Show Me the Money

The "average" person who makes websites for a living earns $1,000 a week:

Not all web workers are "average." Here are the highs and the lows:

Show Me the BIG Money

If you are looking to become one of the nine percent who have made it into the six-figure club ($100,000+), here are the titles most likely to get you there (percentage of job-title holders who earn six-figure salaries):

Job Titles

While the above list represents the high-paying titles, here are the three most popular job titles (other than "other"):

Young and Male

A relatively new medium attracts relatively young practitioners (age range | percentage of respondents):

A somewhat surprising 84 percent of respondents were male.

Work Style

The majority of survey respondents work for someone else. Employees outnumber independents by a two-to-one margin:

Next Career Move

Responses to the question "What is your next career move?" differ dramatically by work style -- employees vs. independents.

For employees the top three "next moves" were as follows:

For independents the top three "next moves" were as follows:

The Next Step

Here is the "70 | 40 | 10" take-home message based on the findings from this survey:

Beantown Web suggests the following two recent resources to help guide you through the "70 | 40 | 10" career transition process:

Detailed findings from the A List Apart Web Design Survey, 2008 are available in an interactive Web format.

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