Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boston Market | October 2010

One in five employers expect to hire full-time staff during the next three months. One in four plan to hire contract or temporary workers. If you live in the Northeast the percentages are likely higher.

Professions in Demand

Information Technology (IT) professionals are three times more likely to be in demand than creative/design professionals.

Here are the positions for which employers are most likely to hire contract or temporary staff for the remainder of 2010:

Size of Companies Hiring

Large companies are more likely than small companies to hang a Help Wanted sign during the fourth quarter:

~ employers with more than 250 employees | 26 percent are hiring
~ employers with 51 to 250 employees | 24 percent are hiring
~ employers with 50 or less employees | 13 percent are hiring

These findings were obtained from a survey that included more than 2,400 hiring managers and human resource professionals and more than 3,100 workers. A press release is available from CareerBuilder. A Flash player version of the survey results is also available.

Boston Market October

The list of Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston has been updated for October and is presented in the right-hand column.

The biggest monthly movers on the upside include Microsoft technologies:

~ ASP.NET | up 32%
~ C# up | 26%
~ SQL Server | up 12%

Other technologies also saw double digit monthly gains:

~ Python | up 23%
~ PHP | up 17%
~ Web Services | up 13%
~ Ajax | up 11%

Year-End Rally

Clearly, programming skills are in demand. If you are looking for work, here is a two-part strategy for participating in a successful year-end jobs rally:

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