Friday, December 10, 2010

Boston Market | December 2010

Two new hiring reports promise a bright New Year for information technology professionals with in-demand job skills.

Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, Q1 2011

After five straight quarters of employment growth Manpower has released the most optimistic hiring expectations in more than two years.

A survey of more than 18,000 employers revealed the following expectations for the first quarter of 2011:

The result is a Net Employment Outlook (NEO) of +4%. The following industry sectors have the highest outlooks:

Information technology professionals will be in demand in 2011. Access a press release for a summary or a more detailed 12-page report.

Dice Report, December 2010

For a drill-down into information technology skills most in-demand, access a Special Edition of the Dice Report for December 2010.

Six in ten hiring managers and technology recruiters expect to increase hiring in the first half of 2011 as compared to the previous six months. When asked what their top hiring priority was for 2011, developers held five of the top six slots as follows:

#1 ~ Java developer
#2 ~ .NET developer
#3 ~ Software developer
#5 ~ Mobile developer
#6 ~ Web developer

Nearly 850 human resource managers and recruiters responded to the Dice survey.

Boston Market, December 2010

The list of Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston has been updated and appears in the right-hand column. Consistent with the Dice findings Top 10 developer skills include the following:

#3 ~ Java | 510 job listings
#5 ~ C# | 288 job listings
#10 ~ ASP.NET | 160 job listings

Surprisingly, the following mobile technologies barely crack the Top 50:

#48 ~ iPhone | 21 job listings
#49 ~ Android | 20 job listings

Best Training Opportunity

If you are new to Web development consider joining the Boston PHP Meetup. The December 15 meeting will feature a presentation on Google Analytics by Jay Murphy.

The meeting will also feature an announcement of the introduction of PHP Percolate!, a virtual self-study group designed to help beginners learn PHP programming.

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