Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boston Web Tech Job Market | Q1 2012

Technology hiring managers have established their staffing priorities for 2012. They are looking for innovative tech professionals who can demonstrate the following four abilities:

According to data compiled by Dice from nearly 1,200 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters, here are the top priority skill-sets that will be in demand:

  1. Java developers
  2. Software engineers
  3. Mobile developers
  4. .NET developers
  5. Project managers
  6. Web developers

Details can be found in The Dice Report for January, 2012.

Boston Web Tech Job Market

Beantown Web has been reporting on the job market for Web professionals in the Boston area since February, 2005. Here are The Top Ten most in-demand technology skills in the Boston area:

  1. SQL | 768 job postings
  2. Oracle | 629 job postings
  3. Java | 489 job postings
  4. JavaScript | 312 job postings
  5. SQL Server | 312 job postings
  6. XML | 266 job postings
  7. C# | 258 job postings
  8. "Web Services" | 195 job postings
  9. HTML + CSS | 185 job postings
  10. Social Media | 171 job postings

Clearly, there is no shortage of Web-related work for technically inclined professionals with a balance of knowledge and experience.

It is interesting to consider the year-over-year trends. Postings for all Top Ten skills are up from this time last year. The largest increases were posted by these four (five) technologies:

  1. JavaScript | 25%
  2. Social Media 23%
  3. Java 22%
  4. HTML + CSS 22%

The data shows that demand for front-end developers (HTML + CSS + JavaScript) has been on the rise over the past 12 months. This trend will likely continue into the first quarter of 2012.

In the next issue we will take a closer look at "The Second Ten" skills and dive deeper into the year-over-year Web technology trends shaping 2012.

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