Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boston Market -- February

The Monster Employment Index hit another all-time high in January -- its ninth new high in the last 13 months -- indicating strong job demand. "Online opportunities for white-collar workers in accounting, IT and legal professions surge, demonstrating broad strength in business services," according to a Monster press release.

Businesses are actively acquiring technology talent, but only professionals with the right skill sets and requisite experience. One way to gauge the current demand is through a keyword search on specific technology skills at selective online job sites. Beantown Web monitors two sites: BostonWorks and Monster.

Skills sets are grouped into four categories: Tools, Acronyms, Containers, and Knowledge (TACK). A few of the common keywords associated with Web design and Web development jobs include the following:

Note: the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of job postings that list that keyword in the job description. [ First number: ][ Second number: ]

Tools (software)

Acronyms (languages)

Containers (databases)

Knowledge (certifications)

A few quick observations:

Web designers and Web developers who want to advance their careers should focus on one Acronym (language) and one Container (database) and set a near-term goal to obtain additional training and experience. Feel free to check out my "Tour Dates" (right-hand column) for training opportunities in the coming months. You have a choice of attending a traditional "classroom" workshop or beaming me directly into your PC for a "virtual" training session!

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