Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Most Admired Employees

FORTUNE magazine's Most Admired Companies list is the definitive report card on corporate reputations. The 2006 ranking has been released. The 1,000 largest U.S. companies, ranked by revenue, were included in the evaluation process. The Top 20 were determined by surveying 10,000 executives, directors and securities analysts.

The seven Most Admired Companies in Massachusetts were as follows (including location and
ranking within their industry):

Rankings were based on the following criteria:

Wouldn't it be interesting if we had access to a Most Admired Employees list! Workers who made the list would be prize candidates for the best assignments. Job satisfaction would improve. Recruiters would call. Compensation would skyrocket.

While no such list exists, Ajilon Professional Staffing offers these five tips to elevate your admiration ranking in your current position:

Set a goal this week to improve in one of these five areas, then chart your progress. By striving to become a Most Admired Employee in your current position your reputation will grow and Most Admired Companies will seek you out for more satisfying and better paying opportunities.

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