Thursday, October 05, 2006

IT Labor Hard to Find

Two new job market studies confirm the conclusions from Boston Market - 4th Quarter. A brief summary of the Boston area Web technology job market: The first finding confirms the high demand for database skills. More than 70 percent of CIOs state that the technical skill set most in demand is database management (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2). In addition, 30 percent of CIOs now claim that "IT labor is hard to find and keep." For details access Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Index and Skills Report and the CIO Magazine Tech Poll (pdf).

The second finding confirms the moderate demand for programming skills. MonsterTRAK, the student division of, announced the five hottest occupations for recent graduates based on entry level job postings. The fifth hottest job market is for entry-level programmers. A complete list can be accessed from a press release.

If you are new to databases, the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools offers desktop software to help you get started. Microsoft Access is one of those programs that is installed on most computers, but few people ever receive training on how to use it. The HP Training Center offers Microsoft Access 2003: Introduction, a FREE online course that begins Thursday, October 12. If you do not own Office, you can download a FREE trial version.

Once you are familiar with the Access interface you can practice writing Structure Query Language (SQL) statements. The ability to understand and implement SQL statements is a core skill required for transforming a static website into a data-driven website. W3Schools offers FREE SQL Tutorial.

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