Saturday, December 02, 2006

Boston Market -- December

The Monster Local Employment Index for Boston reached a new high in October. "In addition to heightened seasonal demand for retail workers, the index for Boston showed an increase in online job opportunities in IT, science and engineering professionals," according to a Monster press release.

If you are a recent college graduate your prospects of finding a quality job are especially good according to Job Outlook 2007, an annual survey published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

"This marks the fourth straight year that employers have projected percentage increases in the double digits," says a NACE representative. According to the survey, employers plan to target the following degree areas to fill positions:
Not all computer-related skills are valued equally by employers, however. The job market analysis below reveals which computer-related skills are most in-demand in the greater Boston area [ along with the number of jobs listed for that skill at ].

The following skills are typically associated with Web Design:
The following skills are typically associated with Web Development:
The following skills are typically associated with data management:
Web design skills continue to lag behind Web programming skills. Database skills (including XML) continue to be in highest demand by Boston area employers. Average salaries reflect this demand curve and are listed below:
For a more complete list of skills, along with direct access to job postings at both and, review Boston Market -- 4th Quarter, 2006.

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