Sunday, April 15, 2007

2007 Entry Level Job Outlook

Expect competition for that entry level job. Employers project an average of 73 applications for each available entry-level position.

These findings were revealed in an annual survey conducted by Results were captured from surveys of nearly 1,000 employers and more than 2,500 students. A summary of the results is available in a Monster press release.

Here are two positive findings that employers revealed in the survey:
Here are two positive findings revealed by students about their confidence in finding work:
Employers and graduates both perceive the following as the most important factors in hiring recent college graduates:Recognizing that employers value relevant work experience, 78 percent of graduates plan to complete at least one internship experience prior to graduation.

Here is how employers and graduates use the Internet during the hiring process:
Finally, here is the biggest mistake a prospective candidate can make during the job search process:
One in three of last year's graduates said they did not send thank-you notes after interviews.


If you are near the beginning of your career and exploring employment opportunities, here are three strategies that can help separate you from your competition:
Simply follow these three recommendations and multiple job offers are sure to follow.

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