Sunday, June 03, 2007

Boston Market -- June

During the month of May the Boston Globe and
announced the launch of a co-branded website for Boston-area employers and job seekers. This new website replaces the website that Beantown Web has been using for its monthly Boston Market analysis. On average there are two to three times more listings on the new joint venture website.

Job prospects for technology workers in the greater Boston area with in-demand skills remain bright. Two studies confirm these findings: New Economy Skills

So, what are the hot New Economy skills? Beantown Web's monthly analysis of salaries and job postings provides some insight.

The Average Salaries in Boston for common Web-related job titles has been updated for June. The salaries are posted in the right-hand column. Here is a snapshot of title and salary ranges: Top 10 Web Technologies in Boston has also been updated for June using the new joint venture website. Here is a list of skills commonly associated with each technology category: The Top 10 List can be found in the right-hand column. Structured Query Language (SQL) tops the list with a staggering 2,000 job openings! The static web page is dead, long live the dynamic data-driven Web universe!


The New Economy is clearly a programming / database-driven economy. Web Designers who develop skills in these areas not only increase their earning potential, they also expand their pool of potential job opportunities.

Action Plan

If you are new to programming and databases, consider signing up for Introduction to Programming, a FREE eight-lesson online course offered at the HP Learning Center. Classes begin Thursday, June 7.

Editor's Note: Next month's Boston Market -- Third Quarter will offer an expanded Top 30 list of Web technology skills in demand in the greater Boston area using the new job search engine.

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