Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Technology Workers Wanted

Technology jobs openings are going unfilled because companies cannot find enough qualified workers.

More than 180 information technology (IT) employers were surveyed by CareerBuilder.com. Nearly half of these companies stated that they currently have open job positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates.

The survey didn't ask IT employers what jobs they were trying to fill. However, a spokesperson stated that IT employers who post job openings on the site are looking mostly to fill positions in the following disciplines:

[Beantown Web will analyze these Web-related functions in a monthly "Boston Market" posting scheduled for later this week.]

A summary of this latest survey of technology employers is available at InformationWeek.

Life-long Learning

Life-long learning is a now a prerequisite for continued employment in technology fields.

A national poll of 1,400 chief information officers (CIOs) reveals that while technology training is needed, softer skills can also be improved on.

The top three skills that CIOs felt their team needed the most improvement in were as follows:

A summary of this survey is available from Robert Half Technology.

Web technology professionals should consider developing a three-part game plan for acquiring non-technology competencies, such as project planning and communication, in addition to technical skills.

Project Management

Assignment: identify at least one project (preferably Web-related) in which you were a team leader (also preferable) or were a member of a team. Obtain feedback about your performance.

One example I use is the ability to prepare curriculum and manage a classroom for a one-week technical training module at CDIABU.

By having concrete examples of projects you have lead, you can comment about what you learned in the process. This demonstrates that you can get the job done in a timely manner, even if you may not have all of the technical skills required to complete the project.

Communication Skills

Assignment: Identify at least one project each where you can demonstrate your verbal and written communication skills.

The two communication projects I focus on to demonstrate my skills in this area are as follows:

Having concrete examples you can point to that demonstrate your verbal and written communication skills can help you land that next assignment, even if you may not currently possess all of the technical skills that the job requires.


Yes, you should develop a game plan to improve your technical skills, but remember, your non-technical skills, especially project management and communication (verbal and written), can help separate you from your competition.

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