Monday, October 01, 2007

Boston Market -- 4th Quarter, 2007

October marks the expansion of the Top 10 Web Technologies in Boston. The list has now doubled to include the The Top 20.

This analysis provides links to job postings in the greater Boston area and is ranked in order by how many times that technology is currently listed in job postings at

The Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston can be found in the right-hand column.

Data Rocks

In the Information Economy data rocks. Demand for database expertise continues as three of the top five web-related technologies are database-related: SQL, Oracle and SQL Server. Rounding out the top five are HTML and Java.

Web Scripting

Lurking just outside of the top five are two technologies that offer upside potential for forward-thinking Web professionals:

Each technology is listed more than 600 times in job descriptions posted in the greater Boston area. Proficiency in these two technologies opens doors to Web-based jobs. In addition, these two languages combine to form the basis for the fastest growing technology in the Boston Market today. That technology is . . .

Ajax sits in 16th place in the demand rankings. Ajax is now listed in more job postings than either Flash or PHP at 17th and 18th places, respectively.

The job demand curve for XML, JavaScript and Ajax looks as follows:

Demand for Ajax-trained professionals has exploded from virtually zero to more than 200 jobs in just over two years!

FREE Ajax Course

If you would like your Web career to sparkle like a freshly scrubbed bathroom, consider learning more about Ajax. The best training opportunity in the fourth quarter of 2007 promises to be an 18-week "Free" AJAX Programming (with Passion!) Online Course.

The course was developed by a technology architect, consultant, and evangelist at Sun Microsystems. The next session starts Monday, October 15.

Prerequisites include the following:

Tutorials are available to help meet the basic requirements.

Once you have successfully completed the course you will receive a certificate stating the you have "Mastered Ajax Programming Truly with Passion!"

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