Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where Does Boston Rank?

When it comes to high tech employment which areas of the country come to mind first?

Buried Treasure

A new report reveals that none of these three areas are among the Top Four high tech employment centers in the United States. In fact, Boston is only the third largest technology center on the East Coast.

According to this report the New York City metropolitan area employs nearly twice as many technology professionals as the greater Boston area.

Here are the largest metropolitan areas for technology workers along with the total number of workers:

  1. New York City -- 620,000
  2. Los Angeles -- 484,000
  3. Washington, DC -- 377,000
  4. Chicago -- 356,000
  5. Boston -- 318,000
  6. San Jose -- 251,000
  7. Seattle -- 209,000

A press release of "Buried Treasure: New York City's Hidden Technology Sector" is available for review. An Executive Summary (pdf) is also available, as well as, a Full Report (pdf) from the Industrial and Technology Assistance Corporation (ITAC).

The Dice Report -- "The Career Hub for Tech Insiders" -- publishes The Dice Report . The September findings confirm the relative size of the Boston job market. Currently, there are more than 4,000 high tech job vacancies posted at their Boston Dice Website, ranking Boston as the sixth largest technology marketplace.

The Top Tech Skills according to are as follows:

Operating Systems
Databases Programming Languages

High Tech Pays Well

Average salaries according to "Buried Treasure" exceed $75,000.

Average salaries according to "The Dice Report" exceed $73,000.

Boston Two Step

According to the Dice Tech Appeal Index, more than 90 percent of technology professionals continue to be overwhelmingly satisfied and loyal to the technology field. More than 85 percent of technology professionals are likely to recommend technology as a career to others.

If you are a Web designer/developer and would like one of these high paying high tech jobs, consider setting measurable targets in each of the following two areas:

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