Thursday, December 31, 2009

Computerworld's 2010 Forecast

Six types of technology skills will be most in demand in 2010. Heading the list is . . .

#1 Programming/Application Development

Specifically, companies will look for developers with the following skill sets:

Demand is growing for people who know specialized programming languages including the following:

Fewer jobs require these skills, but the number of openings has increased during the past 12 months according to a survey of more than 300 IT executives.

The Others

The remaining five skills most in demand in 2010 are as follows:

#2 Help Desk/Technical Support
#3 Networking
#4 Project Management
#5 Security
#6 Business Intelligence

Details can be found at Computerworld's 6 Hottest Skills for 2010.

Getting Off The Island

If you currently find yourself unemployed, underemployed or otherwise feel lost on a desert island you can't seem to escape from, consider upgrading your skills.

No time travel machine can get you there. It requires discipline, focus and dedication.

Set a five month-goal to upgrade your programming and application development skills to include technologies mentioned above. If you do you will be in better position to shift your career in a new direction.

The journey concludes May 2010.

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