Thursday, December 17, 2009

Boston Market | December 2009

If you have managerial experience, the four U.S. cities with the most job opportunities per capita are as follows:

  1. Washington, DC
  2. Boston
  3. San Francisco
  4. Seattle

Might it be more than just a coincidence that these four cities are major U.S. technology hubs?

Metro areas in the Northeastern U.S. dominate a monthly survey of the best places to look for managerial work. Cities in the Northeast hold six of the top 10 positions:

  • Washington, DC | #1
  • Boston | #2
  • Baltimore | #6
  • New York | #7
  • Pittsburgh | #8
  • Philadelphia | #10

To learn more about the job prospects in your city, access the Employment Index.

The research confirms the general uptrend in hiring that Beantown Web first noticed in June and highlighted in Boston Market | November 2009.

Top 20 Web Technologies

Red ornaments ( ) outnumber green ornaments ( ) on this month's Holiday tree. Job opportunities declined ( ) in 17 of the Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston. Many of the declines are in the double digit percentages from early November. This short-term trend is the first downturn since May and reflects a normal slowdown in job postings at the end of the year.

Here are the Top 10 Web-related skills that offer the most job opportunities in the Boston metro area:

  1. SQL | 600 job opportunities
  2. Oracle | 455 job opportunities
  3. Java | 381 job opportunities
  4. XML | 268 job opportunities
  5. SQL Server | 238 job opportunities
  6. JavaScript | 195 job opportunities
  7. C# | 172 job opportunities
  8. Web Services | 160 job opportunities
  9. Perl | 142 job opportunities
  10. HTML + CSS | 109 job opportunities

The complete list of Top 20 Web Technologies appears in the right-hand column.

Two-Step Plan

If you want to improve your prospects for landing a job -- or upgrading to a better job -- in 2010, consider the following two-step plan:

  1. highlight managerial or leadership experience in your resume and social profiles
  2. upgrade your technology skills and focus on improving one Top 10 Web technology skill

The New Year brings hope for improved job prospects. Managerial experience and technology skills will help you stand out among the competition.

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