Sunday, July 11, 2010

Web Technology Skills | Mid-Year Review 2010

Web technology hiring has expanded dramatically over the last six months. Two surveys point the way to continued improvement over the next three months.

CareerBuilder Job Forecast | Q3 2010

A survey of 2,500 hiring managers and human resource professionals reveals the following functional areas that employers are most likely to be adding staff:

Despite relatively high unemployment, nearly half of human resource managers report a current shortage of skills within their organizations, especially in the following areas:

The survey reports that employers are also looking for personnel to fill emerging positions that are relatively new to the workforce, areas such as the following:

Employers on Notice

Human resource managers are concerned that as the economy improves, key personnel are likely to pursue opportunities elsewhere. When asked what their employers could do to retain them as employees, 4,400 workers listed the following priorities in decreasing order:

Additional detail is provided in a press release available from CareerBuilder. A Flash version of the six-page report is also available for review.

IT Hiring Index and Skills Report | Q3 2010

According to a quarterly survey by Robert Half Technology, information technology (IT) recruitment activity is expected to gain momentum in the third quarter with an anticipated net six percent increase in hiring.

More than one out of three technology executives said they are concerned about losing top IT performers to other job opportunities in the next year. A similar percentage also reported that it is challenging to find skilled IT professionals today.

Additional detail is provided in a press release available from Robert Half Technology.

Boston Market | July 2010

So, what technology skills are employers looking for? The Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston has been updated for July and appears in the right-hand column. The ranking is based on a keyword search of popular technologies listed in job descriptions at, managed by

It's no surprise that database and programming skills top the list. A comparison of the current postings with a similar list from early January reveals that all of the Top 20 technologies have posted gains over the past six months. Here are the technologies with the highest percentage increase in postings over the first half of 2010:

#1 SQL | up 50%
#2 Oracle | up 73%
#9 Web Services | up 50%
#11 JPS | up 61%
#13 UI | up 51%
#15 ASP.NET | up 54%
#16 PHP | up 69%
#19 MySQL | up 63%

The Road Ahead

Step #1: Companies continue to value information technology workers. Compare your skills with the eight technologies listed above. Pick one and execute a plan to improve that skill over the next 30 days.

Step #2: If you are a Web Designer/Developer, consider adding User Interface (UI) to your skill set. Look through the UI job postings and identify the one skill that would most enhance your resume. (Chances are that skill is already listed in the Top 20.)

Step #3: Consider adding "social media" experience to your skill set. At #14 this keyword is more frequently mentioned than any skill in the Creative Suite, including the following:

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