Saturday, July 31, 2010

Startup Watch | July 2010

Is working for a startup company the right move for you? If you are simply "looking for a job," then maybe not.

However, if you are more of a generalist who enjoys wearing multiple hats and is driven to get things done with minimal bureaucracy, then consider your options. A blog entry at ReadWriteWeb helps shine a light on questions to consider.

According to there are currently more than 900 job openings at startup companies in the Boston metro area.

According to Ron Conway, famed Silicon Valley angel investor, startups have a high failure rate. He estimates the rate to be about 40 percent at companies he invests in. However, he considers 40 companies for every one that he makes a commitment to, so actual failure percentages are likely higher. For additional insights check out a TechCrunch interview.

Mass High Tech highlights startup companies each week in a series called "Five You Should Follow."

Startup Watch for July

Here are 20 startup companies to keep your eye on:

[NOTE: Hover over company name to view a tooltip summary of that company's value proposition.]

» Abine, Inc. | Cambridge

» Ayantek, LLC | Bedford

» Bloson | Cambridge

» BlueLeaf | Cambridge

» Create-A-Mattress, LLC | Needham

» Futureful | Boston

» HuddleHub | Cambridge

» Kayanta, Inc. | Brighton

» Led 2.0 | Brookline

» Lightwave Power, Inc. | Cambridge

» Localocracy | Cambridge

» MeYou Health | Boston

» Naughty Nutritionist | Boston

» PleaseBringIt | Amherst

» Quick Hit, Inc. | Foxboro

» | Cambridge

» Workpost, LLC | Derry, NH

» | New Haven, CT

» Zeo Inc. | Newton

» Zodah | Cambridge

Five new startups are listed every Tuesday at Mass High Tech -- The Journal of New England Technology. Access Startup News for details. If your company was founded within the last three years, and would like to be considered for the Watch List, contact the Startup Watch editor.

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