Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Great Recession | RIP 2007 - 2009

The Great Recession lasted 18 months. It ended 15 months ago.

OK. That's out of the way. Now, how do we get people back to work?

Source: The New York Times

According to The Times, each of the three most recent post-recession recoveries have been "jobless recoveries."

Learn More to Earn More

In each recession some jobs go away and don't return. New opportunities are created. Training might be required to take advantage of these new opportunities. This might be especially true in the fast moving world of Web technologies.

Training Opportunity #1

Flash | Flex | AIR | ColdFusion

According to Adobe's Brian Rinaldi, "the Wall Street Journal recently reported that demand for Flash developers has been growing."

Brian coordinates "RIA Unleashed : Boston 2010, a two-day event (November 11 - 12) covering general web application development and the Adobe Flash Platform including Flex, AIR, ColdFusion and related technologies and disciplines.

Training Opportunity #2

Ruby on Rails

Business Insider offers the following thought: Looking for work? Learn Ruby on Rails. Mass High Tech reports a similar demand for Rails developers in Startups Competing with Big Firms for Boston Tech Talent.

Boston Rubyists offers an informal Rails Coding Mashup on Saturday, September 25. If you are looking for something more formal, check out Thoughtbot's Test Driven Rails, a two-day training opportunity in Boston, October 12 - 13.

Training Opportunity #3


Talbott Crowell is one of the co-founders of the Boston Area SharePoint Users Group. He is one of the co-organizers of SharePoint Saturday. This event will be held for the third time on Saturday, September 25.

SharePoint Saturday is FREE and open to the public. Three session tracks are available: End User, Developer and Administrator. Register now and begin learning this in-demand Microsoft technology and start networking with Boston area technology professionals.

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