Saturday, April 09, 2005

Boston Market - April

HTML skills continue to be in demand. This month's analysis of the Boston job market reveals that 153 jobs listed in the Boston Globe require HTML skills. This compares to 61 listings for Photoshop and 23 listings for Dreamweaver.

Database skills are in even greater demand with 390 listings for individuals who can demonstrate an understanding of SQL, the language used to access information from databases. Individuals with knowledge of proprientary database management systems such as Access (156), SQL Server (209) and Oracle (385) continue to be in high demand.

Connecting a Web page to a database requires HTML and SQL knowledge, as well as, understanding of a server-side scripting language. Four common scripting methods include the following:
  • ASP (107)
  • ASP.NET (67)
  • PHP (21)
  • Cold Fusion (11)

ASP continues to be the most in-demand scripting method followed by the next generation -- ASP.NET. Both techniques are proprietary Microsoft technologies. PHP is an open-source (free) alternative. consistently lists twice as many opportunities as The links on the right-hand side provide easy access to these job listings.