Thursday, June 16, 2005

Technology Skills in Demand

A survey of 1,400 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) reveals that the next three months will provide the best hiring opportunity for technology workers in the last three years. In addition, New England is expected to lead the nation in hiring demand according to the quarterly IT Hiring Index and Skills Report issued by Robert Half Technology.

skills sets reported to be in greatest demand by CIOs were the following:
  • Microsoft Windows (NT/2000/XP) administrators (77%)
  • Wireless network management (48%)
  • SQL Server management (47%)

In addition, nearly a quarter of CIOs reported a demand for Active Server Pages (ASP) development and .NET development skills.

While help desk/end-user support (17%) and networking (17%) are the job categories experiencing the most growth, data/database management (11%) and internet / intranet development (8%) professionals continue to be in short supply. These findings bode well for Web professionals with database knowledge and network administration experience.

Since many of the skills in demand are Microsoft-specific (SQL Server, ASP, .NET, etc.), Web professionals should consider obtaining certification in one of nine core skills. A 15-minute video is available to learn more about Microsoft certification.