Thursday, November 02, 2006

Boston Market -- November released its Employment Index for October and reported a three-month upward trend in job postings indicating "continued strong demand for IT professionals across the country". The Index including design professionals also participated in the three-month upward trend.

While this report confirms a strong job market for technology workers, not all technology workers are valued the same. For example, a new free salary service from called provides an insight into pay scales for workers with Internet and database skills. Check out the following average salaries in the greater Boston area:
From this simple analysis Web programming skills command a 50% pay premium over Web design skills. Database skills command a 100% pay premium over Web design skills.

What about the demand for these skills? Once again a similar trend emerges.

Listed below are several skills typically associated with Web Design [ along with the number of jobs listed for that skill at ]:
  • Photoshop [ 74 ]
  • CSS [ 72 ]
  • Flash [ 48 ]
  • Dreamweaver [ 34 ]
  • XHTML [ 13 ]
Listed below are several programming skills that are more typically associated with Web Development:
In addition, here are a few skills typically associated with Database Administration:
The demand trends and the compensation trends track each other as follows:
  • Web Designer [ lower demand → lower pay ]
  • Web Developer [ moderate demand → moderate pay ]
  • Database Administrator [ higher demand → higher pay ]
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