Sunday, January 20, 2008

Boston Market -- 2008, First Quarter

Massachusetts ranks 49th in the creation of jobs during the last six years. The only state creating fewer jobs is Michigan. Ouch!

The source for this statistic is a report issued late last year by MassINC. A summary of this report, as it relates to high technology jobs, is available from Dice -- The Career Hub for Tech Insiders. [ Readers in other metropolitan areas can access a Local Market Report specific to your city. ]

Dice Quarterly Market Report

According to Dice, the number of Boston area technology job listings dropped nine percent in the fourth quarter. Listings declined in December -- the first drop since June. Seasonal factors are partially to blame.

Now that we are entering a traditionally strong period for hiring, what can technology workers expect in 2008?

The Dice report provides insight into the current demand witnessed by Sapphire Technologies, an IT recruiting firm. Boston office Branch Manager, Terry O'Leary, sees a demand for the following technology professionals:

  • project managers
  • business analysts
  • systems administrators
  • software developers (J2EE and .NET)

This projection reflects the Top 10 ranking of technology skill sets requested by employers when posting jobs on during the fourth quarter of last year.

Top 20 Web Technologies

The Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston have been updated for January and are listed in the right-hand column. This list is derived from Web-related keywords placed in the search engine at which uses to manage its job postings.

Beantown Web's analysis (right-hand column) includes common Web design and development technologies such as HTML [ #4 ], JavaScript [ #7 ] and CSS [ #12 ].


The Dice Top 10 IT Skills Sets list includes three Microsoft-centric Web-related technologies:

  • .NET [ #4 ]
  • SQL Server [ #7 ]
  • C# [ #10 ]

The Beantown Web list also includes three Microsoft-centric Web-related technologies in the Top 10:

  • SQL Server [ #5 ]
  • C# [ #8 ]
  • ASP.NET [ #10 ]


The Boston marketplace appears to offer greater opportunities to technology professionals equipped with Web-related skills that include programming and database expertise.

As Web 2.0 continues to filter into mainstream business, the demand for dynamic, data-driven Website building skills will likely continue. In particular, Microsoft's approach to Web-related interactivity is well-received by those organizations that have already standardized on Microsoft's productivity tools.

Learn more about these Microsoft tools by attending a Microsoft Launch Event in your city.