Monday, January 31, 2011

Startup Watch | December 2010

There are five differences between Boston and Silicon Valley. When compared to its California counterpart, Beantown exhibits the following:

  • an abundance of non-Web 2.0 companies
  • an abundance of events
  • an abundance of marketing talent
  • an obsession with raising capital
  • an ignorance of how to raise capital

These observations were offered up by Jeff Seibert, Engineering Manager at Palo Alto-based Seibert recently relocated to open the company's new East Coast office in Central Square, Cambridge. Details can be found in a blog article compliments of Greenhorn Connect.

[ Update: Nikki Smith-Morgan @publicwords provides one additional area where Boston lags behind its Left Coast competitor. ]

If you are looking to learn more about the startup culture in Boston consider attending the next Meetup event offered by Lean Startup Circle Boston.

Startup Watch for December

Mass High Tech highlights startup companies each week in a series called "Five You Should Follow."

Here are 18 startup companies to keep your eye on:

[NOTE: Hover over company name to view a tooltip summary of that company's value proposition.]

» AcceloWeb | North Easton

» Affectiva, Inc. | Waltham

» Basho Technologies, Inc. | Cambridge

» Cambridge Semantics, Inc. | Boston

» CFRx, Inc. | Charlestown

» Dear Panda LLC | Cambridge

» Edimer Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | Cambridge

» Ginger Software, Inc. | Lexington

» Healthrageous, Inc. | Boston

» ItsMYurls LLC | Boston

» | Cambridge

» MobiLaurus | Newton

» NewPower Energy Systems | Boston

» Provasculon, Inc. | Cambridge

» SBR Health | Cambridge

» StopGoStopGo | Boston

» Swift Mobile, Inc. | Cambridge

» Worldwide Center of Mathematics LLC | Cambridge

Five new startups are listed every Tuesday at Mass High Tech -- The Journal of New England Technology. Access Startup News for details. If your company was founded within the last three years, and would like to be considered for the Watch List, contact the Startup Watch editor.

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