Saturday, October 08, 2011

Boston Market | October 2011

Hiring demand for Web developers remains strong according to a new report. The most commonly advertised job titles during the study period were the following:

  • Java Developer
  • Web Developer
  • .Net Developer
  • Sharepoint Developer
  • Web Designer
  • PHP Developer
  • J2ee Developer

The report was issued by WANTED Analytics™. It also stated that the nationwide candidate pool consists of less than one potential candidate for each job listing.

Meaning: There are not enough Web Developers in the workforce to fill available job openings!

Hiring Demand for Web Developers

Source: WANTED Analytics

The Dice Report for October is also reporting steady demand for developers, especially those with Microsoft .NET experience.

Boston Job Market for October

The list of Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston has been updated and appears in the right-hand column. Each technology links to job postings at that list that technology keyword in the job description.

The usual suspects appear in the Top Five:

  1. SQL | 968 job listings
  2. Oracle | 789 job listings
  3. Java | 631 job listings
  4. JavaScript | 393 job listings
  5. SQL Server | 378 job listings

Take home message:

Database skills + programming skills = career security

Note: There is no such thing as job security.

Boston Training Opportunities

Here are two training opportunities in the Boston area to consider.

wakanday 2011 | Saturday, October 15

Wakanday is a one-day event designed to show how far JavaScript has come along as a programming language.

Pricing & Registration

RIA Unleashed Boston 2011 | Thursday & Friday, October 27 & 28

What will be covered? Flex, AIR, ColdFusion, Flash CS5, Flash Catalyst CS5, JavaScript (including jQuery), mobile development, HTML5.

Pricing & Registration (Enter "BeantownWeb" to receive a 10% discount.)

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