Monday, October 01, 2012

Boston's Rockstar Recruiters | Q4 2012

Everyone is looking for rockstars.

Companies are looking for rockstars.

Hiring Managers are looking for rockstars.

Recruiters are looking for rockstars.

If you are currently in the job market, why shouldn't you look for rockstars, as well?

Beantown Web asked the question, "Where are the rockstar recruiters?"

Boston's Top 100 Technology Recruiters

To begin the quest, Beantown Web identified more than 240 technology recruiters via LinkedIn.  Most are located in the Boston area.  Some are located in New Hampshire and Rhode Island and do a significant amount of business in the Boston area.

Beantown Web then turned to LinkedIn to identify customer satisfaction scores.  In particular, how many people were willing to provide a public recommendation for that recruiter?

Rockstars have gold albums.  Mere mortals have to make due with recommendations.

In order for a recruiter to make the Top 100 List they had to garner at least three LinkedIn recommendations.

Boston's Top 10 Technology Recruiters

It takes courage to show up at open mike night and play in front of a crowd of strangers.  It takes talent to impress them enough to give you a standing ovation.  Boston's Top 10 Technology Recruiters have been brought back for an encore by delivering rockstar performances to least 20 cheering fans.

Here are Boston's Top 10 Technology Recruiters [number of LinkedIn recommendations]:
  1. Scott Dunlop [95] -- The Bivium Group
  2. Jamie LeBlanc [45] -- The Bivium Group
  3. Brendan Andersen [39] -- CyberCoders
  4. Leanne Owens [33] -- Onward Search
  5. Luis Perez [29] -- Winter Wyman
  6. Bill Sullivan [28] -- Chase Technology Consultants
  7. Chris Mitchell [27] -- Winter Wyman
  8. Andrea Williams [26] -- Career Minded Recruiting
  9. Debbie Strevens [25] -- Jobspring Partners
  10. Scott White [23] -- HireMinds
The Top 100 Rockstar Recruiter Countdown begins @webapprentices and will continue throughout the fourth quarter (92 days).  Simply follow @webapprentices and connect with your favorite Rockstar Recruiter each day.

If you are aware of a Top 10 Technology Recruiter who should be on the list, go to Beantown Web on Facebook and cast your vote for your favorite Top 10 Rockstar Recruiter.